scuba diving

My Dream Destinations

1. Cuba

Yup, this post was inspired by the recent news of Obama’s plans to restore US-Cuba relations. Growing up surrounded by people who had never traveled to Cuba meant that it was never a destination I gave much thought to. But then I went to New Zealand, and met a couple of Canadians who raved about Cuba. It didn’t take long for the island nation to reach the top of my bucket list. I knew there were ways for Americans to get to Cuba, but it usually involved a group tour or some extra effort. Given the recent news though, I am thrilled at the prospect of potentially being able to go on my own terms¬†relatively soon. Or at least at some point in my life.

I don’t even care about the cigars. Sure, I’ll bring a few back for my friends. But I want to go for the beaches, the slow pace of life, and the food. I know travel restrictions won’t be lifted immediately, but this is a good step in the right direction, and I am feeling hopeful.

2. Maldives

The Maldives looks to be the perfect honeymoon spot – it’s luxurious, relaxing, a true holiday destination. But I won’t let my current lack of marital plans get in the way. If I never get married, I still want to go on a solo trip or with one of my best friends. Ever since I got my PADI open water certification, I’ve been on the lookout for the best dive destinations. The Maldives clearly seems to be one of the best, so of course I’m dying to go.

I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those huts out on the water where you can just roll out of bed and jump in. That is the dream. An expensive dream. So, being a poor traveler, I’m not sure when I’ll get there. But I’m determined!

3. Iceland

Iceland has been quite popular on the blogs lately. And they’ve all convinced me I need to go. The scenery looks stunning, and the people sound friendly. That’s about all I look for in a travel destination. I do also love road trips, and driving¬†around the Ring Road looks to be the thing to do. This road was built for road trips – how much easier could it get? If you drive along this 800+ mile loop, you’ll circle the entire country and drive through every type of landscape. It looks stunning and fun.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii seems to be the place that has everything – diving, hiking, surfing, helicopters, volcanoes, dolphins etc. It seems impossible to be bored in Hawaii. I certainly want to explore all the islands, but I also wouldn’t mind living on Maui for a bit. It’s a plan that’s been in the back of my head for a while now, and I think I can make it work within the next few years.

5. Everywhere

Such a cop out, I know. But I think I had a good go at making this list. The above four destinations are just the ones I’m drooling over at the moment. Truthfully, I do want to go (nearly) everywhere. If I kept going with this list, it’d include Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia, North America’s National Parks, Antarctica, Africa, South America, the Moon, etc. There’d really be no point, and it’d be very boring to read. In fact, the place I’m most likely headed to next (knock on wood) isn’t even close to one of the above four. And I’m not disappointed about that – I can’t wait. As long as I’m on the move and experiencing new things, I’m plenty happy.